It’s a fact: The more green products you buy from us, the better you’ll feel about yourself because you did the right thing and made a difference!

Check out staplers that staple without staples, journals made from pulverized rock, fruit bowls handcrafted from recycled glossy mags, colorful erasers from recycled car tires, coffee mugs from bamboo fiber… the list of crazy stuff goes on.
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Eco Staple Free Stapler
Description The Eco Staple Free Stapler revolutionizes how papers are fastened together. It works on...
$8.95 USD
Rock Paper Journal
Description Rock paper is not only the most eco-friendly paper on the planet but it's...
$14.50 USD
Eco Eraser Sticks (Set of 4)
Description It looks like a pencil and you sharpen it like a pencil but it's actually an eraser...
$4.50 USD
Eco Erasers Round (Set of 4)
Description Eco-friendly round erasers from recycled rubber in four assorted colors to complement your environmentally...
$4.50 USD
Eco Pencils (Set of 4)
Description Pencils from recycled bamboo paper with erasers from recycled rubber in 4 assorted colors....
$4.50 USD
Honeycomb Recycled Paper Vase
Description Handcrafted from recycled paper. First, paper from recycled, glossy magazines is cut and folded...
$45.00 USD
Recycled Paper Bowl
Made from recycled paper, the Recycled Paper Bowl will make an environmentally friendly statement in...
$25.00 USD
Recycled Paper Coasters (Set of 6)
Handcrafted coasters and holder made entirely from recycled paper. To create these eco-friendly coasters, the first...
$11.75 USD