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Plant Paper Bowl Small

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Jan MacLeod is a one of kind paper maker extraordinaire. Whereas other paper makers use recycled paper as the basic material for making pulp, Jan starts completely from scratch and instead only uses natural fibers from plants, blossoms and leaves that she gathers from the forests, mountains and shores around Vancouver, BC.

First a mixtures of dried ornamental grasses, corn husks and bulrush is boiled in water. Then, while the resulting pulp is drying on flat screens, petals from dried flowers such as delphiniums, marigolds and hydrangea are artfully arranged over the sheets. At this stage, the paper also receives its color by adding textile dye.     

It is a centuries old paper-making technique from before the time when trees were cut and used as raw material in paper mills. Jan’s revival of this ancient technique virtually transforms nature’s pure energy into beautifully vibrant, richly textured paper that is unlike any other.

The bowls are shaped by letting the wet paper sheets dry in ceramic molds.

Jan MacLeod’s plant paper bowls are so much more than bowls; they are veritable pieces of unique, gorgeous art.

Custom orders are welcome!
Lead time: 21 days. 

First choose the size you want: small or large.
Then choose any color you want; in other words, you don’t have to stick to the 3 colors we feature.

The insides of the bowls are covered with a protective coating which allows them to be used for fruit and other dry foods.
Maintenance: wipe with a moist cloth.

+Product Details
Designed by: Jan MacLeod
Colors: Blue, Pink, Green, Color of your choice
Made from: Handmade plant paper
Measures: 8.5” diameter, 4”H
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