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We’d love to our bit in supporting some of Canada’s amazingly talented First Nations artists. What sets their work apart is that it manages to strike a perfect balance between traditional Indigenous imagery and contemporary design. A balance that results in high-quality products that are eye-catching, colorful, trendy, and make great, meaningful gifts for loved-ones big and small. 

So we’ve partnered-up with Native NW, a company that has a long history of working together with the Indigenous art community.
All art featured on their products was designed by Native artists who gave written permission for the use of it, and who – or their estates – receive royalties for each sale.                           

We greatly value our partnership with Native NW. Not only are we proud to be able to distribute a curated selection of their top products but we also strongly support their admirable cause.

Hope you will too!


We’ve partnered up with Native NW on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Coast Salish Nation in British Columbia.
Part of each sale goes to charities that support Indigenous families & communities impacted by Residential Schools & inter generational trauma.
They also fund 300 Indigenous students at 20 colleges and universities with scholarships & awards.