Recycled Paper Bowl

Recycled Paper Bowl

$25.00 USD

Made from recycled paper, the Recycled Paper Bowl will make an environmentally friendly statement in every modern home.

Each bowl is handcrafted and goes through the following process before it becomes the newest addition to your eco-friendly home décor:

First, paper from recycled glossy magazines is cut and folded into thin, long strips.
The strips are cut further into thin slices that resemble tiny honeycombs, which are then glued onto a bamboo bowl.

After that, the exteriors are treated with a non-toxic, white dye. As a final step, a water-repellant, food-safe coating is applied.

Place your eco bowl in a central place in the kitchen and make sure it's always filled with fresh and deliciously colorful fruit. Enjoy!

Made from: Bamboo & recycled paper
Measures: 12" dia., 4"H

Order in 4's