Face it, your home could do with some improvements. Moving furniture around isn`t going to do it. What you need are awesome home accents.Of the kind that make people go: “What! You’ve refurbished the whole place? I didn’t know. 

OMG, three words: beau-ti-ful!”
And then you go: “No, we didn’t change anything, silly. We just bought some awesome home accents from Made By Humans Designs.” And then you show them our Steampunk Lamp which is so incomprehensibly grotesque in its useless aesthetics that it has become a stunning thing of beauty. Next you show them a couple of super shiny, hi-gloss coin banks: one in the shape of a silver balloon dog and another one in the shape of a pink balloon bunny.

Keep up with the Jones’s and fill that shopping cart!

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Glam Balloon Money Bank Bunny
Description You still remember the transformations your baby girl’s nursery went through and all the...
$80.00 USD
Balloon Money Bank - Big Bunny
Description As you’re looking for a unique baby gift for new parents, you stumble upon...
$60.00 USD
Balloon Money Bank - Big Elephant
Description For you, a cool piggy bank is not just a practical gift for all...
$60.00 USD
Balloon Money Bank - Baby Elephant
Description They say elephants bring luck, so what better way to start saving your baby’s...
$40.00 USD
Balloon Money Bank Big Giraffe
Description Elegant, noble, and beautiful, giraffes have always been your favorite animal. In fact, you’d...
$60.00 USD
Balloon Money Bank - French Poodle
Description Stylish is your middle name and sleek décor is what you’re after. So when...
$40.00 USD
Balloon Money Bank Big Piggy
Description Most pigs will eat anything in sight, but this adorable balloon piggy bank is...
$60.00 USD
Balloon Money Bank - Baby Piggy
Description If you’re on a mission to find the coolest piggy bank for a stylish...
$40.00 USD