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We’re proud to be collaborating with a handful of designers and their companies whose work we’ve loved for a long time.
Not only because their work is right up our alley – i.e., smart, trendy, colorful and expressive of the pure joy of living – but also because they share some of our own values.

Native Northwest, for example, only works with Native artists and donates part of each sale to several different charities that support Indigenous families and communities that have been impacted by Residential Schools and intergenerational trauma. They have also founded the Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund that currently supports circa 150 Indigenous students at 13 colleges and universities in the province of British Columbia, Canada with 5-year long scholarships and bursaries.

IWEARUP is the brainchild of Diana Rikasari, an award-winning fashion designer, who is originally from Indonesia but lives and works in Switzerland. She has set up the Level Up!
Scholarship Program that helps less-privileged children in Indonesia in getting the education they deserve. Part of each IWEARUP sale is donated to this scholarship fund. 

plasticity. is a small mother-daughter company in South-Africa. Their work is based on the eco-philosophical conviction that plastic waste is simply too valuable to just waste. So they collect plastic waste materials at local depots and turn these into upcycled, handmade products for everyday life.

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