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The Scent of the Color Candles _Clear Jar

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Sold Out. Next drop Jan 2024.

Introducing our latest addition to the "Scent of the Color Candle" family, designed for those who can't wait to reveal the color of the jar.

No suspense or surprises here, the color name takes center stage, boldly gracing the jar itself.

Crafted in our Vancouver studio, these candles are a labor of love—from decorating the jar to crafting the scents. Our mantra: if we wouldn't burn it ourselves, it doesn't make the cut. That's why we're sticking with primo soy and palm waxes. You won't find any fake fragrances or pretender oils here—just top-notch, therapeutic-grade essential oils that mean business. Because, really, when it comes to essential oils nothing beats the real McCoy.

And for the scent-sensitive souls, we offer scent-free options because these stunning jars deserve their moment to shine too.

    +Product Details
    Designed by: Tanja 
    Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
    Made from: Soy wax, therapeutic-grade essential oils

    Weight: 12 oz

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