Ruler Calculator

Ruler Calculator

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Inches, millimeters, and basic calculator functions all in one? You got it. With this cool Ruler Calculator, you can afford to geek out over numbers and be super precise about your measurements even to the very last mm.

But no matter how you like them, metric or imperial, you get bonus points just for the coolness factor you’ll be bringing with this fancy Ruler Calculator.

Thanks to its unconventional non-flat design, you can easily grab it and measure away or do your tax estimates without having to look for your boring basic calculator.

And if a unique gift for your math-loving bestie or your science nut sister is what you had in mind, we’ve got you covered there, too.

The Ruler Calculator is a functional and useful gift for anyone nerdy enough to have mastered the art of mental calculations... but could use a little help every once in a while.

Product Features

  • Convenient design for faster measurements and calculations
  • 12’’/30cm long, it’s just the right size for most everyday tasks
  • Measure inches on one side and centimeters on the other
  • Functional and durable design that doesn’t bend
  • Comfortable and large display fits up to 10-digit numbers
  • 2 classic colors to fit almost any office and desk décor
  • Powered by a single LR44 button cell battery (included)
  • With an OFF button to save battery life

Colors: Black, White
Made from: ABS Plastic
Measures: 12" L x 1" W x 0.75" H
1x LR44 battery included

Order in 6's per color