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Pencil Pencil Sharpener and Eraser

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Your hard-working colleagues at work deserve an equally hard-working pencil sharpener with a single mission: to keep their pencils perfectly sharp and their office looking sharper!

Ideal as a small gift for school-supply-loving friends and coworkers, this pencil-shaped sharpener is one of the coolest desk accessories they can add to their office decor. With its cute pink eraser on top, it will turn any boring cubicle or workspace into a space of fun and creativity.

Easy to use and suitable even for little hands to sharpen their pencils at school, the Pencil Pencil Sharpener and Eraser is a great gift for kids on the path to writing mastery.

It comes with two-sized holes, so it’s perfect for any regular or jumbo-sized pencil. Messy shavings are securely stored inside the plastic compartment and if you make a small mistake, fret not, the handy eraser will be there to save the day!

Product Features

  • Cool pencil-shaped sharpener with a removable pink eraser
  • Designed as a two-hole pencil sharpener for both regular and jumbo pencils
  • Works hard to sharpen your pencils while you work hard on staying awesome
  • Small enough to keep on your desk or carry with you to work or college
  • Adds a quirky and creative touch to your cubicle or home office
  • Suitable for kids and fun to use at school for perfectly sharp pencils
  • Rubber eraser covers the holes underneath so they’re not exposed
  • Choose a black or yellow container to store your pencil shavings
+Product Details
Colors: Black, Yellow
Made from: ABS plastic, Rubber
Measures: 2.5" H x 1.25" W
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