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Make your gift extra special and even more memorable by personalizing and decorating it!

We can put names or brief texts in permanent, vinyl letters on all products in this category, and also add some fun stickers to it.
Here are some inspiring examples of what this could look like.

Here’s how to design your own personalized gift in a few easy steps:

1. Enter a name or brief text
The result shows up in a picture.
From here on in, you can make several changes in the name or text that will all immediately show up in the picture.

2. You can choose to do the name or text in bold or italics, and minimize or maximize the font size.

3. Select a font style from the drop-down menu or – and this is a very personal option! – upload the name or text in your own handwriting!

4. Select font color.

5. Drag the name or text into the location of your choice on the product.

OPTIONAL: You can make your gift even more unique by adding colorful stickers on particular locations or all over the product!

6. Select your decorative stickers from the drop-down menu.

7. Drag the stickers into the location(s) of your choice on the product.

8. Or select the option “Stickers All Over The Place.” However, if you select this option then it is impossible for our system – or anyone else’s, for that matter – to generate a picture that shows this. But, trust us, we will decorate all sides of the product with the stickers you picked, and it’s going to look awesome. We’re designers after all, remember? 

9. You can repeat all 5 or 8 steps until you are completely happy with the end result, and then add it to your shopping cart.

Products we can personalize

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