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Handmade soy Decorative Candles

In the hustle and bustle of a world that never hits pause, our story flickers like a candle in the wind - unexpected, a bit rebellious, and totally heartwarming. Picture this: Tanja, our fearless leader, amidst a global timeout, decides that banana bread and TikTok dances are not her jam. Instead, she finds her groove in a pot of melting wax. What kicks off in the kitchen as a makeshift hobby, quickly spirals into a full-blown love affair with candle making.

Cue the montage: Days blending into nights, a kitchen that's more wax lab than food prep, and Tanja, turning into a candle-making ninja. It wasn't just about melting wax; it was about pouring our soul into every hue, every shape. We were hooked on the magic of creation - watching our zany ideas solidify into something you can hold, light up, and go "Wow, that's kinda cool."

We ditched the pristine office vibes for a workshop that's alive with spills, thrills, and a whole lot of candle chills. Each candle we craft is not just a product; it's a piece of our wild, quirky hearts, a slice of our laughter, and a chunk of our "let's make something awesome" spirit.

Our Vancouver-made lineup is a shoutout to the adventurers, the dreamers, and the ones who light up at the sight of something that breaks the mold. It's our love letter to the art of making, the joy of coloring outside the lines, and turning "what ifs" into "heck yes."

Ride with us on this candle-making journey. Each flame is a tiny rebellion, a spark of creativity, and a warm hug from us to you, reminding us all that in the midst of the chaos, there's always a light waiting to be lit.

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