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The Scent of the Color - Color Changing Candles

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Sold Out! Next drop Jan 2024.

Have you ever wondered if colors have their own unique scents? Like, what would the fragrance of orange or the calm vibe of blue actually smell like? We got curious about this too, and The Scent of the Color candles are our answer to it.

Embark on an extraordinary multi-sensory journey where color and scent unite in perfect harmony! Crafted in our Vancouver studio, each candle is meticulously scented to match its corresponding jar color.

But here's where the magic truly happens: as you light the wicks, get ready for an enchanting transformation. The candle jar, starting as an off-white color, slowly comes alive, changing its hue with each passing moment as the wax melts. Watch in awe as the colors evolve before your eyes. 

To complement this visual wonder, Tanja has blended our scents using only the finest therapeutic-grade essential oils. Every fragrance harmoniously corresponds to its jar's hue; it's like painting with both colors and scents to craft a truly unique ambiance that awakens your emotions and sets the mood.

Our mantra: if we wouldn't burn it ourselves, it doesn't make the cut. That's why we're sticking with primo soy and palm waxes.

You won't find any fake fragrances or pretender oils here —just top-notch, aromatherapy-grade essential oils that mean business. Because, really, when it comes to essential oils nothing beats the real McCoy. 

    +Product Details
    Designed by: Tanja 
    Colors:Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange
    Made from: Soy wax, therapeutic-grade essential oils

    Weight: 12 oz

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