Knot Rings - Matte

Knot Rings - Matte

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Lydia Bremer is a well-known Dutch jewellery maker who studied art & design at the prestigious Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. During her studies Lydia developed a passion for designing and making modern jewelry, and after graduation began to create her own line.

What makes Lydia’s jewelry stand out is that it is put together from simple geometrical shapes such as squares, rectangles or ovals in bright, primary colors - obvious references to Mondriaan and the Bauhaus school.

Another unique feature of Lydia’s work is that she avoids the use of traditional materials such as gold, silver or gems, and instead opts for a decisively modern material, i.e., plastic.

The result is a jewelery line that is fashion-forward yet timeless, eye-catching yet sophisticated.

Fit for all ages, Lydia’s pieces are eminently wearable whether at school, work, parties or nights on the town.

Lydia Bremer’s jewelery has been exhibited in several museums and galleries in Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the US.

Made from: Plastic
Measures: One size fits all

Order in 12’s (but it’s okay to assort colors)