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Balloon Jar

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+Available for Pre-order
Balloon Jars are sold out!
New stock is expected to become available by the end of Oct. But only in very limited quantities due to production problems in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. If you want to make absolutely sure that we’ll be able to deliver this item then we strongly recommend pre-ordering and pre-paying for your order as soon as possible.

For sugar & spice, and everything nice.

You’ve decided you’re done with messy. In fact, you’re so over it that it isn’t even funny! And so you’ve embarked on a Marie Condo inspired journey of personal growth in order to get a grip, declutter your home and make the whole place neat and tidy – especially the kitchen. Life is messy enough. You don’t need a messy kitchen on top.

But here’s the problem: you want your kitchen organized but you also want it pretty. You’re into modern design and art so things that look like they’re a-dime-a-dozen just won’t do. You require a splash of style.

You know what would be a good start? Kitchen jars shaped like party balloons! They’re super practical but also artsy, design-forward and fun to look at.

They keep dry foods such as tea, pasta, rice and cookies nice and fresh. The lids are tight-fitting so that aromas and flavors remain well-preserved. The jars are from ceramic so their interiors don’t absorb odors or discolor which makes them easy to clean.

+Product Details
Designed by: Natasha Ho
Colors: Gold, Silver
Made from: High-gloss electroplated ceramic
Measures: 5.25”L x 5.25”W x 8.75”H
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