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Baby Balloon Money Bank

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Goo goo gaga!

You’re looking for a baby shower gift. But it has to be something special, something as special and unique as the little one that’s going to get it. Which means that a onesie with the words “I’m A Pretty Big Deal” printed on the front simply won’t do. 

Or you’ve just had a baby yourself – congratulations! – and are looking for a cheerful décor item to brighten up the nursery.

But you’re having a tough time finding anything you like.

But, then, it was on a dark and stormy night and you were sound asleep, you suddenly jumped up wide awake.
Wtf was that? Did a shot rang out or something?
No, nothing scary like that at all. It was just you having a brilliant epiphany: Made By Humans!
Why didn’t you think of them before? So you run to your laptop, hit their website, and, yasss, there it is, staring you straight in the face, just what you’re looking for: the cutest little, gender neutral, balloon baby money bank ever!

Product Features

  • Lovely baby shower giftMoney Bank
  • Whimsical décor piece for the nursery
  • Perfect gift for a baby birthday
  • Unique money bank for starting your baby’s college fund
  • Surprise gift for that friend of yours who always behaves like a big baby (you know whom we’re talking about)
  • Modern design inspired by the art of balloon twisting
  • Rubber stopper in bottom for retrieving coins
  • Comes in full-color gift box with Styrofoam protection
+Product Details
Designed by: Natasha Ho
Colors: Blue, Gold, Pink, Silver

Made from: High-gloss electroplated ceramic
Measures: 5.25”L x 5.25”W x 8.50”H
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Ground shipping in USA and Canada: US$15.95.
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