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Crushed Tube Vases

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We’ve had more fun designing these funky vases than with anything else we ever did! Probably because we didn’t do any of the stuff they teach you in art school. For once, no mood boards, no concept sketches and no complicated 3D computer models were involved. To be honest, we didn’t even put much thought in it. What we did do was use the so-called “Gehry Method”.

Frank Gehry is arguably the world’s best-known architect. Rumour has it that Frank would sometimes crumple up pieces of paper and carefully examine the resulting folds and creases. This would often give him ideas for the many whimsical, brilliant structures he designed, such as – just to name a few – the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Biomuseo in Panama City and the Lou Ruvo Center in Las Vegas.

Whether these rumours are true or not – who cares anyway – we felt that Frank’s method for coming up with super designs was perfect for our tube vase project.  

Now, your typical, run-off-the-mill tube vase has a very simple shape: it’s round, it’s straight, and that’s it. Not very exciting, is it?

So we made a bunch of tubes by rolling up sheets of printer paper and slammed them, in proper Frank fashion, on our desks. We then picked the one that looked “best”, FedExed it to the factory, and told them to turn it into a flower vase. It was a blast!

And, by the way, so much for the received view that designing beautiful things isn’t easy and requires talent, creativity and vision. We beg to differ. Anyone can do it.

  • Cheer up your home décor with these modern yet timeless, decorative vases.
  • Add a modern, playful touch to the living room, dining room or bed room with these adorable, small flower vases.
  • Trendy, fashion-forward vases that won’t fail to delight everyone who visits your casa.
  • Designer vases that are fun gifts for the people you love. Perfect for birthdays, house warmings or just to let them know you’re thinking about them.
+Product Details
Designed by: Tanja & Freddie
Colors: Green, Orange, Purple, White
Made from: Hi-gloss ceramic
Measures: 8”H, 2” diameter at top
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