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About Us

Once upon a time…

Our story starts at a time when neon colors, tracksuits, and boldly colored accessories were pretty much the norm. With the music and art scene booming with creativity during the 90s, Made By Humans emerged as your go-to shop for fun office accessories and gift items.

More than two decades later, and with a goal to commemorate the company’s founder and honor his legacy, Made By Humans is now Made By Humans 2.0.


Honoring our past and looking to the future

With respect to our origin and the desire to keep moving forward and build on the dream that sparked Made By Humans in the first place, we are more than a home décor or gift shop.

We are a team of creative problem solvers, quirky innovators, and passionate individuals. And if there’s one core belief that we share as a team, it is this:

“People over business”.

This is the cornerstone of our entire business and the reason why we are personally involved in every stage of the production process – from the early phase of a product concept to when it finally gets into your hands.


Design as your vehicle to self-expression

Inspired by contemporary art and constantly trying to add a little playfulness and extra color to your daily life, we create products that make self-expression a non-negotiable.

Whether it’s a quirky and unusual desk accessory or a whimsical decor accent to add to your stylish modern home, Made By Humans products help your unique personality come through.

With creativity as our playground and forward-thinking as our fuel, we create novelty products that strike the perfect balance between form and function (and always have a charming way to make your day!)

Explore our collections to find the perfect birthday gift for a loved one or simplytreat yourself to a cool home decor accent all your friends will love talking about!


Made By Humans 2 in a nutshell

We design and create imaginative and playful contemporary accessories and unique gifts for the modern home and office. Fueled by our passion for great design and finding the perfect balance between form and function, our products are bold and whimsical but always functional and useful, allowing you to express your unique personality and make a strong décor statement. 


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