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We’ve partnered-up with a small but truly visionary and future-oriented company in South-Africa called plasticity.
(Yes, with lower case p).

plasticity. is a mother-daughter company founded in 2017 by daughter Tessa when she was only 19 years old. Tessa was always a creative person and even as a child very concerned about the environment. By starting plasticity she discovered the perfect way to combine both passions.
The company is based on the philosophy that waste materials, such as plastic, are actually too valuable to … waste!
So they re-imagine waste materials and transform them into upcycled, functional products for everyday life.

Each plasticity product is handmade in-house. Most of the discarded plastic they use is sourced locally at waste depots. But they also receive plastic donations from individuals and businesses. The plastic they need for creating their products must be sheet-like, i.e., plastic bags and other soft, foldable plastics.
The sheets are covered with baking paper to protect them against melting and flattened with an iron.
They are then cut to size and stitched together with a sowing machine in different color combinations.
It’s a simple but time consuming process but the results are totally worth the efforts.
plasticity’s handmade, upcycled bags and pouches are trend-forward and of superior quality. Great gifts for girls and women who love fashion and the environment.

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