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Color Factory: A Pop-Up Experience

“The pinks will delight you, the blues will amaze you, the yellows might make you hungry. Put on your favorite hue and come to us for color!”- Color Factory


Consumers are increasingly hard to captivate, desensitized by the thousands of marketing messages that bombard them everyday. In order to cut through the noise and reach your target audiences, messaging needs to be impactful and memorable. One method that’s catching on is experiential marketing. Case and point: Oh Happy Day’sColor Factory.

Source: Color Factory

Located in San Francisco's Union Square neighbourhood, Color Factor is the brainchild ofOh Happy Day founder, Jordan Ferney and designer Erin Jang. The two-story interactive exhibition covers 12,000 square feet with every colour of the rainbow, designed to stimulate the senses while supplying visitors with ample amounts of photo-worthy content.

For those of you not familiar with Oh Happy Day, they “put the ‘art’ in parties” with a mission to be “the best party resource on the internet.” So, naturally, Color Factory is exactly that: one giant, experiential party that engages consumers and reminds them just who’s running the party scene.

  Source:Color Factory

Featuring 15 larger than life original works of art from a handful of artists, highlights include 10,000 coloured ribbons, each measuring 10 feet; a giant yellow ball pit (reminiscent of the Museum of Ice Cream’s sprinkle pit) where visitors can swim through a sea of 220,000 glowing yellow orbs; and a scratch and sniff wall. Needless to say, they have it all.

For those of you - a.k.a. all of you - who want to snap photos, the Color Factory has got that covered, too. As visitors step inside past the stripy, bold exterior, they are given a card that can be scanned at 6 photo booth stations. Afterwards, all images are collated and automatically sent to each visitor's inbox.

Source:Color Factory

Besides the obvious appeal of insta-worthy shots, Color Factory is a great example of the direction brands are taking to stay relevant and top of mind. This shift towards out-of-the-box experiential spaces, especially among those faced with the challenge of re-engaging consumers with their product, is quickly becoming the norm.

Although not every brand opts for large-scale attractions, many have taken smaller, yet still efficient, steps, such as designating areas of their stores to a selfie wall, or including other fun content that can easily be shared on social media. Using art to make a statement and create an experience, like the installations shared throughout Color Factory, is guaranteed to get people talking and make a lasting impression.  


Source: Color Factory

In fact, founder Jordan Ferney shared with theSan Francisco Chronicle, “[their] goal was that every exhibit be three things. It would be conceptual; very photogenic and do well on social media; and be an experience that you couldn’t get anywhere else.”

It looks as though they’ve conquered that and then some. Tickets for the colorful experience are sold out for the remainder of its open dates, now through the end of September.

Have you visited Color Factory or know of another experiential pop-up worth talking about? Let us know in the comments below or by tagging us onFacebook orInstagram.


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