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IWEARUP is the brainchild of Diana Rikasari, an award-winning fashion designer. Diana is originally from Jakarta (Indonesia) but lives with her husband and two young children in Switzerland.

Through her brand Diana wants to create things that celebrate the joy of living. Her designs are famous for their bold, quirky use of color, and their youthful, positive spirit. It’s all super fun, super fashionable, and of super-ior quality.

Diana has also made a name for herself as an author of books about mindfulness. She writes them, she says, “to inspire others to feel good and do good”.

As to doing good, Diana isn’t just talk. She’s the founder of the Level Up! Scholarship Program that helps less-privileged children in getting the education they deserve.  

One really wonders where on earth this multi-talented lady finds the time to be a wife, a mother, a designer, an author, and the chairperson of a charitable organization. Maybe it’s just that some people have time management skills that far surpass those of us.

Could be.

Never mind, though. We’re just very proud to be able to work with Diana and her IWEARUP fashion brand. 

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