You sadly need to work for a living. Instead of windows, your office has depressing posters of Venice on the wall. Your boss is an incompetent fool. Your colleagues are without exception idiots. If it wasn`t for you, nothing would get done.

We feel you and want you to know that it’s perfectly okay to be sorry for yourself.
Anyone would if they were you.

So how about some retail therapy? How about a heavy-duty pen with built-in water level and hidden screwdrivers? Or some pencils with adorable gummy bear erasers on top?
Yes, we’ve got the goodies that will make life meaningful again.

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Perpetual Puzzle Calendar
Description The Perpetual Puzzle Calendar you buy once and can use forever. More fun than...
$14.50 USD
Eco Pencils (Set of 4)
Description Pencils from recycled bamboo paper with erasers from recycled rubber in 4 assorted colors....
$4.50 USD
Eco Erasers Round (Set of 4)
Description Eco-friendly round erasers from recycled rubber in four assorted colors to complement your environmentally...
$4.50 USD
Eco Eraser Sticks (Set of 4)
Description It looks like a pencil and you sharpen it like a pencil but it's actually an eraser...
$4.50 USD
Rock Paper Journal
Description Rock paper is not only the most eco-friendly paper on the planet but it's...
$14.50 USD
Gummy Bear Erasers
Description Everyone's favorite candy now comes 100% sugar free and in totally inedible form!Wooden pencils...
$7.50 USD
Gummy Bear Journals
Description A spiral-bound notebook with a semi-transparent gummy bear poking through the front cover and...
$9.75 USD $8.50 USD
Pocket Cutlery
Description Great for hiking, picnics or to keep in the car the Pocket Cutlery includes...
$19.50 USD $14.50 USD