All You Need Pen Holder Desk Set

All You Need Pen Holder Desk Set

$27.50 USD
What funner way to store your pens and pencils than in a holder that’s shaped like the top of a standard HB pencil (without the toxic lead)! Place it on your home desk or use it to add a bit of cheer and color to your boring place of work. The multi-purpose pencil sharpener has two different sharpening holes, one for regular and one for fat pencils. Both holes are covered by a big pink eraser so they are never exposed. Nice safety feature for small kids! Pencil shavings are collected inside the sharpener so they won’t create a mess on your table or desk. The two mini pencils tucked inside a rubber eraser are, when you think about it, a brilliant combination. Because, say, you have one your many epiphanies. You quickly jot down your brilliant idea with one of the mini pencils. But on second thought you realize that it’s actually a pretty lousy idea, and that it should be erased completely. Lucky for you that you can because your eraser is right there!


Material: wood.
Dimensions: 3”W, 4”H.


Materials: ABS plastic, rubber.
Dimensions: 1.25”W, 2.5”H.

ERASER w/ 2 MINI PENCILS (1 black, 1 yellow)

Materials: wood, rubber.
Dimensions pencils: 2”L.
Dimensions eraser: 2.5”L, 1.25”W, 0.5”H