Icon Soaps (sets)

Icon Soaps (sets)

$18.00 USD
What first gave us the idea of designing a series of soap bars was, ironically enough, the advice of health experts to protect ourselves against Covid infection by frequently washing our hands. So we came up with a bar that showed a pair of hands covered in soap bubbles. It’s a visual reminder to stay safe and do the smart thing.

Inspiration also came from signage that tells you where to find the restrooms in shopping malls and airports. Honestly, we can't even begin to tell you how often we’ve been relieved – pardon the pun – to see those lifesaving signs! But we wanted to add a splash of humor and ... umm... let's say, urgency to them for our soap bars.

We also felt we had to add a gender neutral, and appropriately scentless, restroom signage soap bar to our collection because, you know, we’re woke.

The other two icon bars in the series - Bathtub and Showers - are based on signs you never see anywhere because they simply don't exist. Yet they should! Hence, we made them up ourselves.

And there you have it: a fun series of six Bar Soaps for every situation.

The icons go all the way down; they don’t just cover the surface of the bars. So no matter how thin the pieces of soap get, the icons still show.

• HAND SOAP & BODY SOAP: These top quality bar soaps keep big and small bodies squeaky clean and smelling fresh from top to bottom. No pun intended.

• KID’S SOAP: Your little rug rats will have no problem understanding the meaning of the icons. And that’s exactly what makes these blocks of soap a really fun way of teaching them the basics of personal hygiene.

• MEN’S SOAP: Compared to other soapy stuff, icon bars are fine-tuned to the way the male brain processes information: the pictures are simple and their messages loud and clear. So may we suggest gifting a handful of these bars to the guy in your life? It’s in your own best interest.

• BATHROOM BLITZ: Make your bathroom look less utilitarian and more fun with these eye-catching, designer bars. Your house guests will love’em! Or maybe you have friends who just finished their bathroom reno. Icon bars would be awesome, little gifts.

• VEGAN SOAP: Our handmade bars of soap contain no animal products.

Ingredients: Vegan & sulfate free soap base

Scents: Ladies/Lily, Gents/Cucumber, Whatever/Scent Free, Hands/Camomile, Bathtub/Coconut, Shower/Green Tea
Dimensions: 2.75”L x 2.75”W x 1”Thick
Weight: 130 grams

Order in packs of 6 of same style