Cooking is not our thing so we don’t do pots and pans.
Worse, you can’t even buy a single dinner plate from us! Who needs those anyway? Take-out comes in cartons.

Kitchens, we believe, are primarily meant for socializing. One hangs out in them with friends and dogs and drinks coffee or adult beverages with cakes and snacks.
If this resonates with you, go shop!

We‘ve got cool colored round mugs that are eco-friendly or colorless square mugs that are a threat to the environment - and more fantastic stuff.

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Bamboo Fiber Mug
Description Bamboo is a highly renewable, eco-friendly resource. Fiber made from bamboo has these amazing properties: Naturally anti-bacterial...
$9.95 USD
Cheat Chopsticks (Set of 2)
The only improvement in chopstick technology in 5,000 years. For kids and the chopstick impaired....
$9.95 USD
Square Round Mugs (set of 4)
Description Thinking of mugs makes you melt like a flame-kissed s’more on a warm midsummer...
$29.50 USD