Cairn Candles

Cairn Candles

$35.00 USD
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Finally, candles that “rock”!

Design of these totally unique candles was inspired by the dozens of precariously balanced rock stacks erected by beach bums along the Seawall in Vancouver, BC and also by the giant, brightly colored rock installations of Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, particularly his Seven Magic Mountains piece in the Nevada dessert.

Each rock of the candles is colored through-and-through; not merely on the outside. This creates wonderful effects when the candles burn down. As soon as the flame reaches the inside of a rock, it begins to emit a soft, warm colored glow. At the same time, the multicolored drippings slowly turn the candle into an eye-catching piece of beautiful home décor.

  • CANDLES FOR HOME: These decorative candles are so much more than sources of beautiful, warm light. They are also – and maybe even in the first place – spectacular pieces of eye-catching home décor. Whether you display them on a coffee table, nightstand, or as a centerpiece on the dining room table, these colorful designer candles won’t fail to make a strong visual statement. And can you imagine anything more “hygge” than a long, relaxing soak in the bubble tub with a soft burning Cairn Candle?

  • CANDLE SET: Two is better than one. Create a beautiful little spot somewhere in your home by pairing a small with a big Cairn Candle.

  • CANDLES FOR MEN: You’ll be hard pressed to find a candle that’s better suited to male taste than a Cairn Candle. After all, there’s nothing subtle or delicate about a heap of rocks.

  • LONG LASTING CANDLES: The small one burns 30 hours, the big one a whopping 80 hours! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth of romantic, candle lit hours with these cool candles.

  • UNSCENTED CANDLES: More and more people suffer from allergies these days so go scent free. Better be safe than sorry.

    Burns 80 hrs
    Weight: 2.09 lb
    Dimensions: 11”H x 5.75”W

    Burns 30 hrs
    Weight: 0.8 lbs
    Dimensions: 7.5”H x 3.5”W

    Material: paraffin
    Full-color gift carton

    Small Cairn Candle: order in 6's
    Large Cain Candle: order in 4's