Vancouver is home to an amazing number of super-creative makers that spoil us lucky locals with the finest, handcrafted products.

Made By Humans likes to support some of our favorite local makers by making their amazing creations available to the rest of the world. So you’re not missing out!


For years the uber delicious chocolates from ChocolaTas have been our numero uno guilty pleasure. We don't beat ourselves up about it, though, no siree, because they really are to die for.
Wim Tas, owner and creative genius of ChocolaTas has a unique talent for finding the perfect balance of flavor and texture while business partner in crime Veve adds a keen eye for aesthetics to Wim's creations making sure they look as good as they taste. 
But don't take our word for it. ChocolaTas has won no less than eight prestigious, international awards for their delectable masterpieces. 
No wonder Wim Tas has earned himself the honorary titles of Most Gifted Chocolatier and Best Artisan Chocolatier.
Made By Humans is pleased and honored to be able to offer you a selection of the very best ChocolaTas has to offer. Try these incredibly delicious bonbons yourself or gift them to friends and loved ones.
But don't blame us when you are instantly hooked.

Blame Wim.
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