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Recycled Paper Coasters (Set of 6)

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Handcrafted coasters and holder made entirely from recycled paper.

To create these eco-friendly coasters, the first step is to use paper from recycled, glossy magazines, cut it into thin, long paper strips, and fold these carefully. 

These folded multicolored strips are then attached together to form the Recycled Paper Coasters, in the same way that our Recycled Paper Bowl is created. 

The last step is to apply a water-repellant, food-safe coating on top.

With this environmentally friendly set of Recycled Paper Coasters, you can be sure to spark conversation around a greener lifestyle. And, unlike your typical coasters, they'll add an interesting and creative touch to your kitchen and living room.

+Product Details
Comes in a holder.
Made from: Recycled, glossy mags
Measures: 4" dia.
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