Glam Balloon Money Bank Dog

Glam Balloon Money Bank Dog

$80.00 USD

Picking a unique gift for your girlfriend’s birthday is tough, even when you know her so well.

Lately, she’s been looking to add a touch of glamour to her living room decor, just enough to go with those gorgeous sequin throw pillows she recently picked.

And since balloon animals and glitter are her faves, the Glam Balloon Money Bank Dog will be a bling-tastic surprise! Sparkly and cute, this doggie piggy bank will look amazing anywhere.

You can tell her love for modern art is affecting you as well: the shiny balloon dog sculptures have been growing on you since that day at the museum. Those whimsical reflections were simply fascinating.

So, maybe the glamorous balloon dog money bank will make the perfect birthday gift for her… and you can grab a cool balloon doggy coin bank for yourself. Your bookshelves could use an upgrade and a decorative coin bank like that should do the trick!

Product Features

  • Glam dog piggy bank inspired by the art of balloon animals
  • Encrusted with crystals for the ultimate bling experience
  • Luxurious gift for fashion enthusiasts and stylish teens
  • Radiant decorative element to match your unique style
  • Adds a bold touch to your modern home or office decor
  • Has a rubber stopper at its base to access funds easily
  • Handmade using non-toxic materials so it’s safe for kids
  • Comes in a full-color gift box with Styrofoam protection

Colors: Black, Silver
Made from: Ceramic, Rhinestone crystals
Measures: 7" L x 2.5" W x 5.5" H

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