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Get Back-to-School Ready with Made By Humans

It’s that time of year again. The summer sun is fading, the days are getting shorter, and the new school year is just around the corner. As we all take a moment to collectively sigh, we also give you permission to feel that bit of back-to-school excitement you're still pretending doesn’t exist. Whether it’s the promise of a fresh start, excitement about studying your passion, or the bonus of having friends around 24/7, heading back to school isn’t all that bad. And, here atMade By Humans, we’ve made it even better.

  • For the tree-hugging-world-saving-activist:first off, we commend you, and we totally get it! We want to protect the planet where and when we can, and that’s why we created a line of the coolest eco-friendly products around (seriously, they’re cool). Fill your pencil case witherasers made from recycled car tires,pencils made from recycled bamboo paper, andstaplers that - wait for it - staple without staples. Here’s to making 2017 your greenest school year yet. 

  • For the analytically-precise-perfectionist: Numbers matter, and correctly arriving at said numbers matters even more. Check and double check your answers with a Ruler Calculator and stay on top of important dates with the Perpetual Puzzle Calendar(side note: also serves as a great distraction when bored). If ever in doubt and in need of a 1) water level, 2) screwdriver, 3) ruler, or 4) pen, reach for the almightyTool Pen

  • For the glammest design aficionado:We 100% understand the importance of a beautiful, inspiring workspace, especially when it comes to doing A+ work. Fuel your creativity with an sparklyBling Bling Pen, and afterwards store it in a gold-dipped (not really)Pencil Pencil Holder. Finally, no desk - or dorm room for that matter - is complete without a sleekAnimal Balloon Money Bank. As functional as it is beautiful, your late-night-pizza-ordering-self will thank you..

  • For anyone who’d rather be eating than sitting in class: It’s true, note taking can be a bit of a drag. Fret not, young scholar, as we’ve taken the liberty to sweeten it up. Mix and match your notebooks and pencils with deliciously colourful gummy bear prints. Yes, those are erasers and not actually meant for consuming, so do tell your friends (or don’t). And as any master snacker knows they should never leave home without the proper eating tools, insert thePocket Cutlery - fork, spoon, knife, can and bottle opener, all in one. Bon Apetit!

Still hungry for more? Check out the rest of our school and office supplieshere. Is there an item you’d like us to add to our stellar roster? Let us know in the comments below or by tagging us onFacebook.

Happy shopping! 

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